Cigna Whole Health Products & Solutions

Solutions to care for whole person health

Taking into consideration the wide range of aspects that make up health and well-being – across body, mind, and all areas of life – our products and solutions seek to support customers in all aspects of their world.

Invest in the Whole Health of your workforce

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Mental Health and Emotional Well‑being Solutions:

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) / International Employee Assistance Programme (IEAP)

Services will be recommended following an intake and assessment.

In-the-moment Support

In-the-moment counseling during the initial call into the service aims to provide immediate relief.

Telephonic, Video and Face to Face Counselling

Short-term counselling – typically up to 6 sessions per issue per year, with referral to long term specialist counselling where more clinically appropriate.

Critical Incident Support

Telephonic practical and emotional support providing psychological first aid, in addition to assigning the most appropriate intervention under the circumstances, to those affected by trauma, focusing efforts on fostering natural resilience and coping.

IEAP and Global Telehealth are available as standalone solutions for non-insured populations

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Telephonic Wellness Coaching


Wellness coaching programme offering a telephonic connection with coaches who provide individualised, goal-oriented guidance, wellness education, strategy development, and encouragement. Topics include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, smoking cessation and overall lifestyle.

Other Cigna Whole Health Services

Global Telehealth

This service provides access to doctor and specialist consultations via phone or secure video for non-emergency health issues from anywhere in the world. It is available 24/7/365 days a year to Employees & Dependent family members on the plan.

Solutions for the globally mobile:

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