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Looking at the full picture of health

The way we live, work and play is always evolving. With Whole Health, we’re meeting the needs of our customers in an ever evolving world.

It’s no longer enough to think about body versus mind, health versus sickness or work versus life. That’s why we’re looking at the bigger picture – we’re looking at Whole Health and this exciting journey starts right here.

All areas of life - work and home, our physical and mental health, finances and social and family life, are closely connected and are what makes us who we are and how we feel.

Our health and self are made up of many moving parts that change from moment to moment.

We believe it's time for health services to finally reflect that.

Our new Whole Health model brings all those separate, moving parts together so we can look at the bigger picture of people’s lives, and offer more support for the most important aspects.

The video

With Whole Health, we’re making sure everyone we help will always feel supported.

The journey

Whole Health will innovate how we look after our customers and their families, ensuring we are a strong, reliable part of their support network, helping keep the balance between work and home life, and offering advice with financial worries. And this is only the beginning.

Our new model is a stepping stone towards better all-round health for everyone. We will continue to develop our range of products and services to look after the Whole Health of everyone we serve. There’s a lot more we can do and a lot more to come.

My World

At the heart of our approach is our innovative ‘Me and My World’, connecting the three key areas of Whole Health that contribute to overall health: physical, mental and ‘My World’.

The ‘Me and My World model’ enables us to support our customers with a truly intuitive, affordable and personalised experience.

Explore the ‘Me and My World’ model – click on one of the elements of My World to learn more.

Work life

As the lines between home life and work life blur in the new working culture, we’re helping keep the balance through online coaching, guidance and emotional and practical support. We support employers and employees with any challenge that work throws their way.

Home environment

Solid foundations for a supportive home life are vital for better mental, physical and emotional health. We can help with solutions that have been designed to build and maintain a supportive home environment.

My family

We know that family well-being plays a crucial role in overall health and wellness. So we've shaped our new approach to better support our customers and their loved ones, offering access to care whenever needed.

Financial health

Money worries and the stress they bring can affect so many other areas of our lives - relationships, work, physical and mental health. As part of our Whole Health approach, we’re working on a number of new ways to support how our customers manage their finances.

Access to care

Helping our customers get the right care when it is needed most is still at the heart of what we do. Quick access to quality care, and the right support when it really matters. With Whole Health that means a global network of healthcare providers, but also leading edge digital treatments, programs and virtual GPs.

Support network

We can help support thriving social relationships, and tackle the growing issue of loneliness - both of which have a significant impact on physical and mental health. We will be shaping Whole Health in innovative ways, so we can be a proactive part of our customers support network.

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